Install OpenVINO™ Runtime from Conan Package Manager


Note that the Conan Package Manager distribution:

  • offers C/C++ API only

  • does not offer support for NPU inference

  • is dedicated to users of all major OSes: Windows, Linux, and macOS (all x86_64 / arm64 architectures)

Full requirement listing is available in:
To see if your processor includes the integrated graphics technology and supports iGPU inference, refer to:
There are many ways to work with Conan Package Manager. Before you proceed, learn more about it on the

Installing OpenVINO Runtime with Conan Package Manager

  1. Install Conan 2.0.8 or higher, for example, using pip:

    python3 -m pip install 'conan>=2.0.8'
  2. Create a conanfile.txt file for your OpenVINO project and add “openvino” dependency in there:


    Run the command below to create conan_toolchain.cmake file, which will be used to compile your project with OpenVINO:

    conan install conanfile.txt --build=missing

    By default, OpenVINO is statically compiled, together with all available plugins and frontends. To build a version tailored to your needs, check what options there are on the Conan Package Manager page for OpenVINO and extend the command, like so:

    conan install conanfile.txt --build=missing -o:h 'openvino/*:enable_intel_gpu=False' -o:h 'openvino/*:enable_onnx_frontend=False' -o:h 'openvino/*:shared=True'
  3. Configure and compile your project with OpenVINO:

    cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=<path to conan_toolchain.cmake> -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -S <path to CMakeLists.txt of your project> -B <build dir>
    cmake --build <build dir> --parallel


    OpenVINO can be used with any build interface, as long as it is supported by Conan 2.0. Read more.

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