API Reference#

OpenVINO toolkit offers APIs for Python, C, and C++ which share most features (C++ being the most comprehensive one), have a common structure, naming convention styles, namespaces, and no duplicate structures.

OpenVINO API may be described by the following:

  • Preserves input element types and order of dimensions (layouts), and stores tensor names from the original models (Model Conversion API).

  • Uses tensor names for addressing, which is the standard approach among the compatible model frameworks.

  • Can address input and output tensors by the index. Some model formats like ONNX are sensitive to the input and output order, which is preserved by OpenVINO.

  • Includes properties, unifying metrics and configuration key concepts. The main advantage is that they have the C++ type: static constexpr Property<std::string> full_name{"FULL_DEVICE_NAME"};