Class ov::RemoteTensor#

class RemoteTensor : public ov::Tensor#

Remote memory access and interoperability API.

Subclassed by ov::intel_gpu::ocl::ClBufferTensor, ov::intel_gpu::ocl::ClImage2DTensor, ov::intel_gpu::ocl::USMTensor

Public Functions

void *data(const element::Type) = delete#

Access to host memory is not available for RemoteTensor. To access a device-specific memory, cast to a specific RemoteTensor derived object and work with its properties or parse device memory properties via RemoteTensor::get_params.


Nothing, throws an exception.

ov::AnyMap get_params() const#

Returns a map of device-specific parameters required for low-level operations with underlying object. Parameters include device/context/surface/buffer handles, access flags, etc. Content of the returned map depends on remote execution context that is currently set on the device (working scenario). Abstract method.


A map of name/parameter elements.

Public Static Functions

static void type_check(const Tensor &tensor, const std::map<std::string, std::vector<std::string>> &type_info = {})#

Checks OpenVINO remote type.

  • tensorTensor which type is checked.

  • type_info – Map with remote object runtime info.


Exception – if type check with specified parameters failed.