Class ov::intel_gpu::ocl::D3DSurface2DTensor#

class D3DSurface2DTensor : public ov::intel_gpu::ocl::ClImage2DTensor#

This class represents an abstraction for GPU plugin remote tensor which is shared with Direct3D 11 2D texture. The plugin object derived from this class can be obtained with D3DContext::create_tensor() call.


User can also obtain OpenCL 2D image handle from this class.

Public Functions

inline operator ID3D11Texture2D*()#

ID3D11Texture2D conversion operator for the D3DContext object.


Pointer to underlying ID3D11Texture2D interface

inline uint32_t plane()#

Returns plane ID of underlying video decoder surface, or 0 if no video surface was shared.


Plane ID

Public Static Functions

static inline void type_check(const Tensor &remote_tensor)#

Checks that type defined runtime parameters are presented in remote object.


remote_tensor – remote tensor to check