Class ov::Layout#

class Layout#

ov::Layout represents the text information of tensor’s dimensions/axes. E.g. layout NCHW means that 4D tensor {-1, 3, 480, 640} will have:

  • 0: N = -1: batch dimension is dynamic

  • 1: C = 3: number of channels is ‘3’

  • 2: H = 480: image height is 480

  • 3: W = 640: image width is 640

Examples: ov::Layout can be specified for:

  • Preprocessing purposes. E.g.

    • To apply normalization (means/scales) it is usually required to set ‘C’ dimension in a layout.

    • To resize the image to specified width/height it is needed to set ‘H’ and ‘W’ dimensions in a layout

    • To transpose image - source and target layout can be set (see ov::preprocess::PreProcessSteps::convert_layout)

  • To set/get model’s batch (see ov::get_batch/ov::set_batch) it is required in general to specify ‘N’ dimension in layout for appropriate inputs

Refer also to ov::layout namespace for various additional helper functions of ov::Layout

Public Functions


Constructs a dynamic Layout with no layout information.

inline Layout(const char *layoutStr)#

Constructs a Layout with static or dynamic layout information based on string representation.


layoutStr – The string used to construct Layout from. The string representation can be in the following form:

  • can define order and meaning for dimensions “NCHW”

  • partial layout specialization:

    • ”NC?” defines 3 dimensional layout, first two NC, 3rd one is not defined

    • ”N…C” defines layout with dynamic rank where 1st dimension is N, last one is C

    • ”NC…” defines layout with dynamic rank where first two are NC, others are not defined

  • only order of dimensions “adbc” (0312)

  • Advanced syntax can be used for multi-character names like “[N,C,H,W,…,CustomName]”

bool operator==(const Layout &rhs) const#

Comparison operator (equal)

bool operator!=(const Layout &rhs) const#

Comparison operator (not equal)

bool has_name(const std::string &dimensionName) const#

Checks if dimension with specified name is in layout.


true if layout has information about dimension index with a given name

std::int64_t get_index_by_name(const std::string &dimensionName) const#

Gets index of dimension with a specified name.


ov::AssertFailure – if dimension name is not found in a layout


Index of given dimension name

std::string to_string() const#

String representation of Layout.

inline bool empty() const#

Returns ‘true’ if layout has no information, i.e. equals to Layout()

Public Static Functions

static Layout scalar()#

Constructs layout representing scalar.