Versioned name: Assign-6

Category: Infrastructure

Short description: Assign sets an input value to the variable_id variable.

Detailed description:

ReadValue, Assign, and Variable define a coherent mechanism for reading, writing and storing a memory buffer between inference calls. More details can be found on the State API documentation page.

Assign sets an input value to the variable_id variable. This value will be read by the ReadValue operation on the next inference call if it has not been reset. The operation checks if the shape and type specified in variable_id extend (relax) the shape and type inferred from the 1st input. If not, it returns an error. For example, if the type in the variable is specified as dynamic, it means that any type for 1st input is allowed but if it is specified as f32, only f32 type is allowed.

Only one pair of ReadValue and Assign operations is expected for each Variable in the model.


  • variable_id

    • Description: identifier of the variable to be updated

    • Range of values: any non-empty string

    • Type: string

    • Required: yes


  • 1: new_value - input tensor of any supported type. Required.


  • 1: tensor with the same shape and type as new_value.


<layer ... type="Assign" ...>
    <data variable_id="lstm_state_1"/>
        <port id="0">