Class ov::op::v1::GreaterEqual

class GreaterEqual : public ov::op::util::BinaryElementwiseComparison

Elementwise greater-than-or-equal operation.

Public Functions

inline GreaterEqual()

Constructs a greater-than-or-equal operation.

GreaterEqual(const Output<Node> &arg0, const Output<Node> &arg1, const AutoBroadcastSpec &auto_broadcast = AutoBroadcastSpec(AutoBroadcastType::NUMPY))

Constructs a greater-than-or-equal operation.

  • arg0Node that produces the first input tensor.

  • arg1Node that produces the second input tensor.

  • auto_broadcast – Auto broadcast specification

virtual bool has_evaluate() const override

Allows to get information about availability of evaluate method for the current operation.