Class ov::op::v15::ScatterNDUpdate#

class ScatterNDUpdate : public ov::op::util::ScatterNDBase#

Add updates to slices from inputs addressed by indices.

Public Types

enum class Reduction#

Lists the supported reduction types for this version of the operator. See the specification for the description of how reduction works with ScatterNDUpdate.


enumerator NONE#
enumerator SUM#
enumerator SUB#
enumerator PROD#
enumerator MIN#
enumerator MAX#

Public Functions

ScatterNDUpdate(const Output<Node> &inputs, const Output<Node> &indices, const Output<Node> &updates, const Reduction reduction = Reduction::NONE)#
  • inputsTensor

  • indices – Index tensor: Data type must be element::i32 or element::i64

  • updatesTensor: Must have same type as inputs

  • reduction – Reduction: Type of operation to perform on inputs

virtual bool has_evaluate() const override#

Allows to get information about availability of evaluate method for the current operation.