Class ov::op::v4::ReduceL1#

class ReduceL1 : public ov::op::util::ArithmeticReductionKeepDims#

Reduction operation using L1 norm: L1(x) = sum(abs(x)) if all dimensions are specified for the normalisation.

Reduces the tensor, eliminating the specified reduction axes by taking the L1-norm.

Public Functions

ReduceL1() = default#

Constructs a reducet L1-norm operation.

ReduceL1(const Output<Node> &arg, const Output<Node> &reduction_axes, bool keep_dims = false)#

Constructs a reduce L1-norm operation.

  • arg – The tensor to be reduced.

  • reduction_axes – The axis positions (0-based) to be eliminated.

  • keep_dims – If set to true it holds axes that are used for reduction.

virtual bool has_evaluate() const override#

Allows to get information about availability of evaluate method for the current operation.