Versioned name: Tanh-1

Category: Arithmetic unary

Short description: Tanh performs element-wise hyperbolic tangent (tanh) operation with given tensor.

Detailed description

For each element from the input tensor calculates corresponding element in the output tensor with the following formula:

\[tanh ( x ) = \frac{2}{1+e^{-2x}} - 1 = 2sigmoid(2x) - 1\]
  • For integer element type the result is rounded (half up) to the nearest integer value.

Attributes: Tanh operation has no attributes.


  • 1: A tensor of type T and arbitrary shape. Required.


  • 1: The result of element-wise Tanh operation. A tensor of type T and the same shape as input tensor.


  • T: any numeric type.


Example 1

 <layer ... type="Tanh">
         <port id="0">
         <port id="1">