OpenVINO™ Ecosystem Overview

OpenVINO™ is not just one tool. It is an expansive ecosystem of utilities, providing a comprehensive workflow for deep learning solution development. Learn more about each of them to reach the full potential of OpenVINO™ Toolkit.

Neural Network Compression Framework (NNCF)

A suite of advanced algorithms for Neural Network inference optimization with minimal accuracy drop. NNCF applies quantization, filter pruning, binarization and sparsity algorithms to PyTorch and TensorFlow models during training.

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OpenVINO™ Training Extensions

A convenient environment to train Deep Learning models and convert them using the OpenVINO™ toolkit for optimized inference.

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OpenVINO™ Security Add-on

A solution for Model Developers and Independent Software Vendors to use secure packaging and secure model execution.

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Dataset Management Framework (Datumaro)

A framework and CLI tool to build, transform, and analyze datasets.

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