Versioned name: Parameter-1

Category: Infrastructure

Short description: Parameter layer specifies input to the model.


  • element_type

    • Description: the type of element of output tensor

    • Range of values: u1, u4, u8, u16, u32, u64, i4, i8, i16, i32, i64, f16, f32, boolean, bf16

    • Type: string

    • Required: yes

  • shape

    • Description: the shape of the output tensor

    • Range of values: list of non-negative integers, empty list is allowed, which means 0D or scalar tensor

    • Type: int[]

    • Required: yes


  • 1: Output tensor of type T and shape equal to shape attribute.


  • T: any type from element type values.


<layer ... type="Parameter" ...>
    <data>element_type="f32" shape="1,3,224,224"</data>
        <port id="0">