openvino.runtime.save_model(model: ov::Model, output_model: object, compress_to_fp16: bool = True) None

Save model into IR files (xml and bin). Floating point weights are compressed to FP16 by default. This method saves a model to IR applying all necessary transformations that usually applied in model conversion flow provided by mo tool. Paricularly, floatting point weights are compressed to FP16, debug information in model nodes are cleaned up, etc. :param model: model which will be converted to IR representation :type model: openvino.runtime.Model :param output_model: path to output model file :type output_model: Union[str, bytes, pathlib.Path] :param compress_to_fp16: whether to compress floating point weights to FP16 (default: True) :type compress_to_fp16: bool


model = convert_model('your_model.onnx')
save_model(model, './model.xml')