openvino.runtime.opset9.read_value(init_value: Union[openvino._pyopenvino.Node, int, float, numpy.ndarray], variable_id: str, variable_type: Optional[Union[type, numpy.dtype, openvino._pyopenvino.Type, str]] = None, variable_shape: Optional[List[int]] = None, name: Optional[str] = None) openvino._pyopenvino.Node

Return a node which produces the Assign operation.

  • init_value – Node producing a value to be returned instead of an unassigned variable.

  • variable_id – Id of a variable to be read.

  • variable_type – Optional type to be set into Variable.

  • variable_shape – Optional shape to be set into Variable.

  • name – Optional name for output node.


ReadValue node