Class ov::exec_model_info::ExecutionNode

class ExecutionNode : public ov::op::Op

The Execution node which is used to represent node in execution graph.

It contains the following type of information in node runtime information:

  • ExecGraphInfoSerialization::ORIGINAL_NAMES

  • ExecGraphInfoSerialization::IMPL_TYPE

  • ExecGraphInfoSerialization::OUTPUT_PRECISIONS

  • ExecGraphInfoSerialization::PERF_COUNTER

  • ExecGraphInfoSerialization::OUTPUT_LAYOUTS

  • ExecGraphInfoSerialization::EXECUTION_ORDER

  • ExecGraphInfoSerialization::LAYER_TYPE

  • ExecGraphInfoSerialization::RUNTIME_PRECISION

Public Functions


A default constructor with no node inputs and 0 output ports.

ExecutionNode(const ov::OutputVector &arguments, size_t output_size = 1)

Constructs a new execution node with a given parameters.

  • arguments[in] Inputs nodes

  • output_size[in] A number of output ports

std::shared_ptr<ov::Node> clone_with_new_inputs(const ov::OutputVector &inputs) const override

Creates a new execution node with the same state, but different input nodes.


inputs[in] The input nodes


A newly created execution node

virtual bool visit_attributes(ov::AttributeVisitor&) override

Visits attributes of the node.


visitor[in] An attribute visitor


Returns true if an operation has completed successfully