Class ov::pass::LowLatency2

class LowLatency2 : public ov::pass::ModelPass

The transformation finds all TensorIterator/Loop layers in the network, processes all back edges that describe a connection between Result and Parameter of the TensorIterator/Loop bodies,and inserts ReadValue and Assign layers at the input and output corresponding to this back edge. Supported platforms: CPU, GNA.

The example below describes the changes made by the transformation [] - TensorIterator body () - new layer BE - back-edge

before applying the transformation: -> input1[BE_1 -> Parameter -> Layers … -> Result -> BE_1 ]output1->

after applying the transformation: ->(ReadValue)-> input1[BE_1 ->Parameter->Layers …->Result->BE_1]output1 ->(Assign) \ ->… After applying the transformation, the resulting network can be inferred step by step, the states will store between inferences.