Versioned name: BitwiseNot-13

Category: Bitwise unary

Short description: BitwiseNot performs a bitwise logical negation operation with given tensor element-wise.

Detailed description: BitwiseNot performs a bitwise logical negation operation for each element in the given tensor, based on the following algorithm.

For boolean type tensors, BitwiseNot is equivalent to LogicalNot.

If tensor is of any supported integer type, for each element of the tensor:

  1. Convert the value from the input tensor to binary representation according to the input tensor datatype.

  2. Perform a logical negation on each bit in the binary representation, where value 0 represents false and value 1 represents true.

  3. Convert back the binary representation to the input datatype.

Example 1 - BitwiseNot output for boolean tensor:

# For given boolean input:
input = [True, False]
# Perform logical negation operation same as in LogicalNot operator:
output = [False, True]

Example 2 - BitwiseNot output for uint8 tensor:

# For given uint8 input:
input = [1, 3]
# Create a binary representation of uint8:
# [00000001, 00000011]
# Perform bitwise negation:
# [11111110, 11111100]
# Convert back binary values to uint8:
output = [254, 252]

Attributes: BitwiseNot operation has no attributes.


  • 1: A tensor of type T and arbitrary shape. Required.


  • 1: The result of bitwise logical negation operation. A tensor of type T and the same shape as the input tensor.


  • T: any supported integer or boolean type.


<layer ... type="BitwiseNot">
        <port id="0">
        <port id="1">