Versioned name: CTCGreedyDecoder-1

Category: Sequence processing

Short description: CTCGreedyDecoder performs greedy decoding on the logits given in input (best path).

Detailed description: Given an input sequence \(X\) of length \(T\), CTCGreedyDecoder assumes the probability of a length \(T\) character sequence \(C\) is given by

\[p(C|X) = \prod_{t=1}^{T} p(c_{t}|X)\]

Sequences in the batch can have different length. The lengths of sequences are coded as values 1 and 0 in the second input tensor sequence_mask. Value sequence_mask[j, i] specifies whether there is a sequence symbol at index i in the sequence i in the batch of sequences. If there is no symbol at j-th position sequence_mask[j, i] = 0, and sequence_mask[j, i] = 1 otherwise. Starting from j = 0, sequence_mass[j, i] are equal to 1 up to the particular index j = last_sequence_symbol, which is defined independently for each sequence i. For j > last_sequence_symbol, values in sequence_mask[j, i] are all zeros.

Note: Regardless of the value of ctc_merge_repeated attribute, if the output index for a given batch and time step corresponds to the blank_index, no new element is emitted.


  • ctc_merge_repeated

    • Description: ctc_merge_repeated is a flag for merging repeated labels during the CTC calculation.

    • Range of values: true or false

    • Type: boolean

    • Default value: true

    • Required: no


  • 1: data - input tensor with batch of sequences of type T_F and shape [T, N, C], where T is the maximum sequence length, N is the batch size and C is the number of classes. Required.

  • 2: sequence_mask - input tensor with sequence masks for each sequence in the batch of type T_F populated with values 0 and 1 and shape [T, N]. Required.


  • 1: Output tensor of type T_F and shape [N, T, 1, 1] which is filled with integer elements containing final sequence class indices. A final sequence can be shorter that the size T of the tensor, all elements that do not code sequence classes are filled with -1.


  • T_F: any supported floating-point type.


<layer ... type="CTCGreedyDecoder" ...>
    <data ctc_merge_repeated="true" />
        <port id="0">
        <port id="1">
        <port id="0">