ngraph.ctc_greedy_decoder_seq_len(data: Union[_pyngraph.Node, int, float, numpy.ndarray], sequence_length: Union[_pyngraph.Node, int, float, numpy.ndarray], blank_index: Optional[Union[_pyngraph.Node, int, float, numpy.ndarray]] = None, merge_repeated: bool = True, classes_index_type: str = 'i32', sequence_length_type: str = 'i32', name: Optional[str] = None) _pyngraph.Node

Return a node which performs CTCGreedyDecoderSeqLen.

  • data – The input 3D tensor. Shape: [batch_size, seq_length, num_classes]

  • sequence_length – Input 1D tensor with sequence length. Shape: [batch_size]

  • blank_index – Scalar or 1D tensor with specifies the class index to use for the blank class. Optional parameter. Default value is num_classes-1.


The new node which performs CTCGreedyDecoderSeqLen.