OpenVINO™ Telemetry

To facilitate debugging and further development, OpenVINO™ collects anonymous telemetry data. Anonymous telemetry data is collected by default, but you can stop data collection anytime by running the command opt_in_out --opt_out. It does not extend to any other Intel software, hardware, website usage, or other products.

Google Analytics is used for telemetry purposes. Refer to Google Analytics support to understand how the data is collected and processed.

Enable or disable Telemetry reporting

Telemetry Data Collection Details

  • Failure reports

  • Error reports

  • Usage data

  • Model conversion API

  • Model Downloader

  • Accuracy Checker

  • Post-Training Optimization Toolkit

  • Neural Network Compression Framework

  • Model Converter

  • Model Quantizer

Telemetry data is retained in Google Analytics for a maximum of 14 months. Any raw data that has reached the 14-month threshold is deleted from Google Analytics on a monthly basis.