Converting an ONNX GPT-2 Model#


The code described here has been deprecated! Do not use it to avoid working with a legacy solution. It will be kept for some time to ensure backwards compatibility, but you should not use it in contemporary applications.

This guide describes a deprecated conversion method. The guide on the new and recommended method can be found in the Python tutorials.

Public pre-trained GPT-2 model is a large transformer-based language model with a simple objective: predict the next word, given all of the previous words within some text.

Downloading the Pre-Trained Base GPT-2 Model#

To download the model, go to this model, and press Download.

To download the model and sample test data, go to this model, and press Download.

Converting an ONNX GPT-2 Model to IR#

Generate the Intermediate Representation of the model GPT-2 by running model conversion with the following parameters:

mo --input_model gpt2-10.onnx --input_shape [X,Y,Z] --output_dir <OUTPUT_MODEL_DIR>