Class ov::VariableState#

class VariableState#

VariableState class.

Public Functions

VariableState() = default#

Default constructor.


Destructor that preserves unloading order of implementation object and reference to the library.

void reset()#

Resets internal variable state for relevant infer request to a value specified as default for the corresponding ReadValue node.

std::string get_name() const#

Gets the name of the current variable state. If length of an array is not enough, the name is truncated by len, null terminator is inserted as well. variable_id from the corresponding ReadValue is used as variable state name.


A string representing state name.

Tensor get_state() const#

Returns the value of the variable state.


A tensor representing a state.

void set_state(const Tensor &state)#

Sets the new state for the next inference.


state – The current state to set.