Class ov::intel_gpu::ocl::D3DSurface2DTensor

class D3DSurface2DTensor : public ov::intel_gpu::ocl::ClImage2DTensor

This class represents an abstraction for GPU plugin remote tensor which is shared with Direct3D 11 2D texture. The plugin object derived from this class can be obtained with D3DContext::create_tensor() call.


User can also obtain OpenCL 2D image handle from this class.

Public Functions

inline operator ID3D11Texture2D*()

ID3D11Texture2D conversion operator for the D3DContext object.


Pointer to underlying ID3D11Texture2D interface

inline uint32_t plane()

Returns plane ID of underlying video decoder surface, or 0 if no video surface was shared.


Plane ID

Public Static Functions

static inline void type_check(const Tensor &remote_tensor)

Checks that type defined runtime parameters are presented in remote object.


remote_tensor – remote tensor to check