Class ov::op::v1::Mod#

class Mod : public ov::op::util::BinaryElementwiseArithmetic#

Mod returns an element-wise division reminder with two given tensors applying multi-directional broadcast rules.

Public Functions

inline Mod()#

Constructs a Mod node.

Mod(const Output<Node> &A, const Output<Node> &B, const AutoBroadcastSpec &auto_broadcast = AutoBroadcastSpec(AutoBroadcastType::NUMPY))#
  • A – - Dividend tensor

  • B – - Divisor tensor

  • auto_broadcast – Auto broadcast specification

virtual bool evaluate(ov::TensorVector &outputs, const ov::TensorVector &inputs) const override#

Evaluates the op on input_values putting results in output_values.

  • output_values – Tensors for the outputs to compute. One for each result

  • input_values – Tensors for the inputs. One for each inputs.


true if successful

virtual bool has_evaluate() const override#

Allows to get information about availability of evaluate method for the current operation.