Class ov::op::v1::ReduceLogicalOr#

class ReduceLogicalOr : public ov::op::util::LogicalReductionKeepDims#

Performs a reduction using “logical or”.

The reduction is performed over slices of the first input. The slices shape depends on the values passed to the second input - the axes.

Public Functions

ReduceLogicalOr(const Output<Node> &data, const Output<Node> &reduction_axes, const bool keep_dims = false)#

Constructs a ReduceLogicalOr node.

  • data – - The input tensor with data to be reduced

  • reduction_axes – - The input tensor with information about axes over which the first tensor should be sliced prior to the reduction operation

  • keep_dims – - Indicates if the axes used for reduction should be held/kept

virtual bool has_evaluate() const override#

Allows to get information about availability of evaluate method for the current operation.