Class ov::op::v1::TopK#

class TopK : public ov::op::util::TopKBase#

Computes indices and values of the k maximum/minimum values for each slice along specified axis.

Public Functions

TopK() = default#

Constructs a TopK operation.

TopK(const Output<Node> &data, const Output<Node> &k, const int64_t axis, const std::string &mode, const std::string &sort, const element::Type &index_element_type = element::i32)#

Constructs a TopK operation with two outputs: values and indices. By default the indices output is described by i32 data type.

  • data – The input tensor

  • k – Specifies how many maximum/minimum elements should be computed (note: scalar input tensor)

  • axis – The axis along which to compute top k indices

  • mode – Specifies which operation (min or max) is used to select the biggest element of two.

  • sort – Specifies order of output elements and/or indices Accepted values: none, index, value

  • index_element_type – Specifies type of produced indices

virtual bool has_evaluate() const override#

Allows to get information about availability of evaluate method for the current operation.