Follow these steps before running DL Workbench:

  1. Make sure you have met the recommended requirements.

  2. Configure Docker on your machine.

  3. Optional. Set proxy if you are behind a firewall.

  4. Optional. Install Python 3.6 or higher if you want to run the DL Workbench with Python Starter.

Set Proxy

If you are behind a firewall, Docker Desktop allows you to configure HTTP/HTTPS Proxy Settings, which are then automatically passed to Docker. If you specify proxy settings, Docker will use them when pulling images.

However, your proxy settings will not be automatically passed to the containers you want to start. You must specify your proxy parameters when creating each container if you want to set proxy settings for them. Use the installation form to specify proxy for containers.

Set proxy for Linux

Use Docker official guide to configure proxy for containers.

Set proxy for macOS and Windows

  1. Open Docker Desktop.

  2. Go to Settings>> Proxies>> Select Manual proxy configuration. Add your http-proxy to both Web Server and Secure Web Server.

  3. Add your no-proxy to Bypass for these hosts & domains.

  4. Press Apply settings.