Model Zoo

Open Model Zoo for OpenVINO™ toolkit delivers a wide variety of free, pre-trained deep learning models and demo applications that provide full application templates to help you implement deep learning in Python, C++, or OpenCV Graph API (G-API). Models and demos are avalable in the Open Model Zoo GitHub repo and licensed under Apache License Version 2.0.

Browse through over 200 neural network models, both public and from Intel, and pick the right one for your solution. Types include object detection, classification, image segmentation, handwriting recognition, text to speech, pose estimation, and others. The Intel models have already been converted to work with OpenVINO™ toolkit, while public models can easily be converted using the Model Optimizer utility.

Get started with simple step-by-step procedures to learn how to build and run demo applications or discover the full set of demos and adapt them for implementing specific deep learning scenarios in your applications.