class ov::pass::MOCLegacyTransformations

This transformation is an entry point for OpenVINO transformations that will be applied inside MOC. This transformations container is filled with legacy transformations to reach parity between legacy front-ends and new frontends calling from the Model Optimizer. It contains transformations to avoid limitations of OpenVINO 1.X API such as unsupported INT64 for inputs, usage of NCHW layout that is critical for TensorFlow models.

#include <moc_legacy_transformations.hpp>

class MOCLegacyTransformations: public ov::pass::ModelPass
    // construction

    MOCLegacyTransformations(const std::vector<std::string>& params_with_custom_types);

    // methods

    OPENVINO_RTTI("MOCLegacyTransformations", "0");
    virtual bool run_on_model(const std::shared_ptr<ov::Model>& f);

Inherited Members

    // typedefs

    typedef DiscreteTypeInfo type_info_t;

    // methods

    bool get_property(const PassPropertyMask& prop_mask) const;
    void set_name(const std::string& name);
    std::string get_name() const;
    void set_callback(const param_callback& callback);
    virtual void set_pass_config(const std::shared_ptr<PassConfig>& pass_config);
    std::shared_ptr<PassConfig> get_pass_config();
    bool m_transformation_callback(const std::shared_ptr<const Node>& node);
    bool transformation_callback(const std::shared_ptr<const Node>& node);
    virtual const type_info_t& get_type_info() const = 0;
    virtual bool run_on_function(std::shared_ptr<ov::Model> m);
    virtual bool run_on_model(const std::shared_ptr<ov::Model>& m);