OpenVINO™ Deep Learning Workbench User Guide

Import original and Open Model Zoo models and convert them to Intermediate Representation format.

Create and import annotated datasets of different formats, upload not annotated dataset, and enlarge datasets using augmentation.

Select a target and device which you want to test your model.

Accelerate model performance with INT8 Calibration.

Run single or group inference, try different batch and stream combinations to accelerate the performance, visualize model architecture and compare model projects.

Measure the accuracy of a model and compare the predictions with the dataset annotations or between optimized and parent models.

Build your application with Deployment Package and learn how to use batches and streams in your application.

Download an archive with artifacts of your project.

Get started with the OpenVINO™ toolkit and learn how to use its API and command-line interface (CLI) in the preconfigured environment.

Restore and preserve DL Workbench state.