Converting a PyTorch Cascade RCNN R-101 Model

The goal of this article is to present a step-by-step guide on how to convert a PyTorch Cascade RCNN R-101 model to OpenVINO IR. First, you need to download the model and convert it to ONNX.

Downloading and Converting Model to ONNX

git clone
cd mmdetection


To set up an environment, refer to the instructions.

  • Download the pretrained model. The model is also available here.

  • To convert the model to ONNX format, use this script.

python3 tools/deployment/ configs/cascade_rcnn/ cascade_rcnn_r101_fpn_1x_coco_20200317-0b6a2fbf.pth --output-file cascade_rcnn_r101_fpn_1x_coco.onnx

The script generates ONNX model file cascade_rcnn_r101_fpn_1x_coco.onnx in the directory tools/deployment/. If required, specify the model name or output directory, using --output-file <path-to-dir>/<model-name>.onnx.

Converting an ONNX Cascade RCNN R-101 Model to OpenVINO IR

mo --input_model cascade_rcnn_r101_fpn_1x_coco.onnx --mean_values [123.675,116.28,103.53] --scale_values [58.395,57.12,57.375]