Bert Benchmark Python* Sample

This sample demonstrates how to estimate performace of a Bert model using Asynchronous Inference Request API. Unlike demos this sample doesn’t have configurable command line arguments. Feel free to modify sample’s source code to try out different options.

The following Python* API is used in the application:




OpenVINO Runtime Version


Get Openvino API version

Basic Infer Flow

[openvino.runtime.Core], [openvino.runtime.Core.compile_model]

Common API to do inference: compile a model

Asynchronous Infer

[openvino.runtime.AsyncInferQueue], [openvino.runtime.AsyncInferQueue.start_async], [openvino.runtime.AsyncInferQueue.wait_all]

Do asynchronous inference

Model Operations


Get inputs of a model

How It Works

The sample downloads a model and a tokenizer, export the model to onnx, reads the exported model and reshapes it to enforce dynamic inpus shapes, compiles the resulting model, downloads a dataset and runs benhcmarking on the dataset.

You can see the explicit description of each sample step at Integration Steps section of “Integrate OpenVINO™ Runtime with Your Application” guide.


Install the openvino Python package:

python -m pip install openvino

Install packages from requirements.txt :

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the sample


Sample Output

The sample outputs how long it takes to process a dataset.