class ov::PrecisionSensitive

PrecisionSensitive class represents runtime info attribute that marks input to an operation as a precision sensitive and disables compression to FP16 of the subgraph before this input.

#include <precision_sensitive_attribute.hpp>

class PrecisionSensitive: public ov::RuntimeAttribute
    // methods

    OPENVINO_RTTI("precision_sensitive", "0");
    virtual bool is_copyable() const;

Inherited Members

    // typedefs

    typedef std::shared_ptr<RuntimeAttribute> Ptr;
    typedef std::tuple<::ov::RuntimeAttribute> Base;

    // methods

    static _OPENVINO_HIDDEN_METHOD const DiscreteTypeInfo& get_type_info_static();
    virtual const DiscreteTypeInfo& get_type_info() const;
    virtual bool is_copyable() const;
    virtual Any init(const std::shared_ptr<Node>& node) const;
    virtual Any merge(const ov::NodeVector& nodes) const;
    virtual Any merge(const ov::OutputVector& outputs) const;
    virtual std::string to_string() const;
    virtual bool visit_attributes(AttributeVisitor&);
    bool visit_attributes(AttributeVisitor& visitor) const;