ReorgYolo Layer

Versioned name : ReorgYolo-1

Category : Object detection

Short description : ReorgYolo reorganizes input tensor taking into account strides.

Detailed description :



  • stride

    • Description : stride is the distance between cut throws in output blobs.

    • Range of values : positive integer

    • Type : int

    • Required : yes

Inputs :

  • 1 : 4D input tensor of any type and shape [N, C, H, W]. H and W should be divisible by stride and C >= (stride\*stride). Required.

Outputs :

  • 1 : 4D output tensor of the same type as input tensor and shape [N, C\*stride\*stride, H/stride, W/stride].


<layer id="89" name="reorg" type="ReorgYolo">
    <data stride="2"/>
        <port id="0">
        <port id="1" precision="f32">