Install OpenVINO™ Runtime from Conda Forge


Installing OpenVINO Runtime from Conda Forge is recommended for C++ developers, as it provides only the C++ Runtime API. If you work with Python, consider installing OpenVINO from PyPI

Full requirement listing is available in:

There are many ways to work with Conda. Before you proceed, learn more about it on the Anaconda distribution page

Installing OpenVINO Runtime with Anaconda Package Manager

  1. Set up the Anaconda environment (Python 3.7 used as an example):

    conda create --name py37 python=3.7
    conda activate py37
  2. Update it to the latest version:

    conda update --all
  3. Install the OpenVINO Runtime package:

    conda install -c conda-forge openvino=2022.3.2

    Congratulations! You have finished installing OpenVINO Runtime.

Uninstalling OpenVINO™ Runtime

Once OpenVINO Runtime is installed via Conda, you can remove it using the following command, with the proper OpenVINO version number:

conda remove openvino=2022.3.2

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve installed OpenVINO Runtime, you are ready to run your own machine learning applications! To learn more about how to integrate a model in OpenVINO applications, try out some tutorials and sample applications.

Try the C++ Quick Start Example for step-by-step instructions on building and running a basic image classification C++ application.

Visit the Samples page for other C++ example applications to get you started with OpenVINO, such as: