Versioned name : ReadValue-3

Category : Infrastructure

Short description : ReadValue returns value of the variable_id variable.

Detailed description :

ReadValue returns value from the corresponding variable_id variable if the variable was set already by Assign operation and was not reset. The operation checks that the type and shape of the output are the same as declared in variable_id and returns an error otherwise. If the corresponding variable was not set or was reset, the operation returns the value from the 1 input, and initializes the variable_id shape and type with the shape and type from the 1 input.

Attributes :

  • variable_id

    • Description : identificator of the variable to be read

    • Range of values : any non-empty string

    • Type : string

    • Required : yes


  • 1 : init_value - input tensor with constant values of any supported type. Required.


  • 1 : tensor with the same shape and type as init_value.


<layer ... type="ReadValue" ...>
    <data variable_id="lstm_state_1"/>
        <port id="0">
        <port id="1">