Versioned name : ExperimentalDetectronTopKROIs-6

Category : Sorting and maximization

Short description : The ExperimentalDetectronTopKROIs operation is TopK operation applied to probabilities of input ROIs.

Detailed description : The operation performs probabilities descending sorting for input ROIs and returns max_rois number of ROIs. Order of sorted ROIs with equal probabilities is undefined. If the number of ROIs is less than max_rois then operation returns all ROIs descended sorted and the output tensor is filled with undefined values for the rest of output tensor elements.

Attributes :

  • max_rois

    • Description : The max_rois attribute specifies maximal numbers of output ROIs.

    • Range of values : non-negative integer number

    • Type : int

    • Default value : 0

    • Required : no


  • 1 : A 2D tensor of type T with shape [number_of_ROIs, 4] describing the ROIs as 4-tuples: [x 1, y 1, x 2, y 2]. Required.

  • 2 : A 1D tensor of type T with shape [number_of_input_ROIs] contains probabilities for input ROIs. Required.


  • 1 : A 2D tensor of type T with shape [max_rois, 4] describing max_rois ROIs with highest probabilities.


  • T : any supported floating-point type.


<layer ... type="ExperimentalDetectronTopKROIs" version="opset6">
    <data max_rois="1000"/>
        <port id="0">
        <port id="1">
        <port id="2" precision="FP32">