namespace ExecGraphInfoSerialization

A namespace with const values for Execution Graph parameters names.

Executable Graph Info is represented in CNNNetwork format with general ExecutionNode nodes inside including connections between the nodes. Each node describes an executable hardware-specific primitive and stores its parameters within ExecutionNode::get_rt_info map. There is a list of general keys for the parameters map.

namespace ExecGraphInfoSerialization {

// classes

class ExecutionNode;

// global variables

static const char ORIGINAL_NAMES[] = "originalLayersNames";
static const char IMPL_TYPE[] = "primitiveType";
static const char OUTPUT_PRECISIONS[] = "outputPrecisions";
static const char PERF_COUNTER[] = "execTimeMcs";
static const char OUTPUT_LAYOUTS[] = "outputLayouts";
static const char EXECUTION_ORDER[] = "execOrder";
static const char LAYER_TYPE[] = "layerType";
static const char RUNTIME_PRECISION[] = "runtimePrecision";

} // namespace ExecGraphInfoSerialization