Benchmark Client (C++)

This demo provides a benchmark client that uses asynchronous gRPC API and tests performance with synthetic data (stripped out of OpenCV dependency).

To build the client, run make command in this directory. It will build docker image named ovms_cpp_benchmark with all dependencies.

git clone
cd model_server/demos/benchmark/cpp

The application can be used with any model or pipeline served in OVMS, by requesting GetModelMetadata endpoint and using such information to prepare synthetic inputs with matching shape and precision.

Note : In this directory you can only see the code specific to the benchmark client. The code shared with other C++ demos as well as all building utilities are placed in the common C++ directory.

Note : It is required that endpoint does not use dynamic shape.

Usage example

Prepare the model

Start OVMS with resnet50-binary model:

curl -L --create-dir -o resnet50-binary/1/model.bin -o resnet50-binary/1/model.xml

Prepare the server

docker run -d -u $(id -u):$(id -g) -v $(pwd)/resnet50-binary:/model -p 9001:9001 openvino/model_server:latest \
--model_path /model --model_name resnet --port 9001 --layout NCHW

Start the client:

docker run --rm --network host -e "no_proxy=localhost" ovms_cpp_benchmark ./synthetic_client_async_benchmark --grpc_port=9001 --iterations=2000 --max_parallel_requests=100 --consumers=8 --producers=1

Address: localhost:9001
Model name: resnet
Synthetic inputs:
        0: (1,3,224,224); DT_FLOAT

Running the workload...
Total time: 1933ms
Total iterations: 2000
Producer threads: 1
Consumer threads: 8
Max parallel requests: 100
Avg FPS: 1034.66