class ov::pass::SharedStridedSliceEraser

SharedStridedSliceEraser transformation replaces group of StridedSlice operations with first StridedSlice in this group. All SrtideSlices in this group must be equal and consume the same output port.

#include <optimize_strided_slice.hpp>

class SharedStridedSliceEraser: public ov::pass::ModelPass
    // methods

    OPENVINO_RTTI("SharedStridedSliceEraser", "0");
    virtual bool run_on_model(const std::shared_ptr<ov::Model>& m);

Inherited Members

    // typedefs

    typedef DiscreteTypeInfo type_info_t;

    // methods

    bool get_property(const PassPropertyMask& prop_mask) const;
    void set_name(const std::string& name);
    std::string get_name() const;
    void set_callback(const param_callback& callback);
    virtual void set_pass_config(const std::shared_ptr<PassConfig>& pass_config);
    std::shared_ptr<PassConfig> get_pass_config();
    bool transformation_callback(const std::shared_ptr<const Node>& node);
    virtual const type_info_t& get_type_info() const = 0;
    virtual bool run_on_model(const std::shared_ptr<ov::Model>& m) = 0;