class ov::ShapeSubgraph

ShapeSubgraph class represents runtime info attribute that marks shape subgraphs. Information whether the node belongs to the shape path or to the data path is needed during evaluate and CF.

#include <is_shape_subgraph.hpp>

class ShapeSubgraph: public ov::RuntimeAttribute
    // methods

    "shape_subgraph""0" OPENVINO_RTTI(, );
    virtual bool is_copyable() const;

Inherited Members

    // typedefs

    typedef std::shared_ptr<RuntimeAttribute> Ptr;
    typedef std::tuple<::ov::RuntimeAttribute> Base;

    // methods

    static _OPENVINO_HIDDEN_METHOD const DiscreteTypeInfo& get_type_info_static();
    virtual const DiscreteTypeInfo& get_type_info() const;
    virtual bool is_copyable() const;
    virtual boolconst std::shared_ptr<Node>& is_copyable() const;
    virtual Anyconst std::shared_ptr<Node>& init() const;
    virtual Anyconst ov::NodeVector& merge() const;
    virtual Anyconst ov::OutputVector& merge() const;
    virtual std::string to_string() const;
    virtual boolAttributeVisitor& visit_attributes();
    boolAttributeVisitor& visit_attributes() const;