class ov::pass::ConvertNmsGatherPathToUnsigned

Converts Gather indices to unsigned if indices are from NMS selected indices output. NMS returns -1 for not selected boxes, old version of Gather fill corresponding output for such indices with zero. But new Gather-8 has support of negative indices indicating counting from the end. In order to keep such behaviour (until dynamism is not supported) instead of -1 new Gather-8 will accept UINT32_MAX which is always outside of the bounds and corresponding output for such indices in gather always will be filled with zeros.

#include <convert_nms_gather_path_to_unsigned.hpp>

class ConvertNmsGatherPathToUnsigned: public ov::pass::GraphRewrite
    // methods

    "ConvertNmsGatherPathToUnsigned""0" OPENVINO_RTTI(, );

Inherited Members

    // typedefs

    typedef DiscreteTypeInfo type_info_t;

    // methods

    boolconst PassPropertyMask& get_property() const;
    voidconst std::string& set_name();
    std::string get_name() const;
    voidconst param_callback& set_callback();
    virtual voidconst std::shared_ptr<PassConfig>& set_pass_config();
    std::shared_ptr<PassConfig> get_pass_config();
    boolconst std::shared_ptr<const Node>& transformation_callback();
    virtual const type_info_t& get_type_info() const = 0;
    "ov::pass::ModelPass" OPENVINO_RTTI();
    virtual boolconst std::shared_ptr<ov::Model>& run_on_model() = 0;
    "ov::pass::GraphRewrite" OPENVINO_RTTI();

    template <, , , >
    std::shared_ptr<T>Args&&... add_matcher();

    template <, , >
    voidArgs&&... add_matcher();

    std::shared_ptr<MatcherPass>const std::shared_ptr<MatcherPass>& add_matcher();
    virtual boolconst std::shared_ptr<ov::Model>& run_on_model();
    virtual voidconst std::shared_ptr<PassConfig>& set_pass_config();