Supported Models

The OpenVINO team continues the effort to support as many models out-of-the-box as possible. Based on our research and user feedback, we prioritize the most common models and test them before every release. These models are considered officially supported.

Click for supported models [PDF]

The list is based on release 2023.0, as of June 01, 2023

Note that the list provided here does not include all models supported by OpenVINO.
If your model is not included but is similar to those that are, it is still very likely to work. If your model fails to execute properly there are a few options available:
  • You can create a GitHub request for the operation(s) that are missing. These requests are reviewed regularly. You will be informed if and how the request will be accommodated. Additionally, your request may trigger a reply from someone in the community who can help.

  • As OpenVINO™ is open source you can enhance it with your own contribution to the GitHub repository. To learn more, see the articles on OpenVINO Extensibility.