Class ov::op::util::DeformableConvolutionBase

class DeformableConvolutionBase : public ov::op::util::ConvolutionBase

Base class for operations DeformableConvolution v1 and DeformableConvolution v8.

Subclassed by ov::op::v1::DeformableConvolution, ov::op::v8::DeformableConvolution

Public Functions

DeformableConvolutionBase() = default

Constructs a conversion operation.

DeformableConvolutionBase(const OutputVector &arguments, const Strides &strides, const CoordinateDiff &pads_begin, const CoordinateDiff &pads_end, const Strides &dilations, const PadType &auto_pad = PadType::EXPLICIT, int64_t group = 1, int64_t deformable_group = 1)

Constructs a conversion operation.

  • strides – Convolution strides.

  • pads_begin – Amount of padding to be added to the beginning along each axis. For example in case of a 2D input the value of (1, 2) means that 1 element will be added to the top and 2 elements to the left.

  • pads_end – Amount of padding to be added to the end along each axis.

  • dilations – The distance in width and height between the weights in the filters tensor.

  • auto_pad – Specifies how the automatic calculation of padding should be done.

  • group – The number of groups which both output and input should be split into.

  • deformable_group – The number of groups which deformable values and output should be split into along the channel axis.