Use Case and High-Level Description

Fully convolutional network for recognition of eye state ('open', 'closed').



Metric Value
Source framework PyTorch*
GFlops 0.0014
MParams 0.0113
Accuracy 95.84%


MRL Eye Dataset is used for training and validation (each 10th image is used for test).


Image, name: input.1, shape: 1, 3, 32, 32 in 1, C, H, W format, where:

  • C - channel
  • H - height
  • W - width

Expected color order is BGR.


Name: 19, shape: 1, 2, 1, 1 - Softmax output across 2 type classes: [open, closed]

Download a Model and Convert it into Inference Engine Format

You can download models and if necessary convert them into Inference Engine format using the Model Downloader and other automation tools as shown in the examples below.

An example of using the Model Downloader:

python3 <omz_dir>/tools/downloader/ --name <model_name>

An example of using the Model Converter:

python3 <omz_dir>/tools/downloader/ --name <model_name>

Legal Information

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