namespace ov::frontend


namespace frontend {

// typedefs

typedef ov::frontend::OpExtensionBase<ov::frontend::ConversionExtension, OVOpType> OpExtension;
typedef std::function<FrontEnd::Ptr()> FrontEndFactory;
typedef uint64_t FrontEndVersion;
typedef std::function<OutputVector(const NodeContext&)> CreatorFunction;
typedef std::function<std::map<std::string, OutputVector>(const NodeContext&)> CreatorFunctionNamed;

// structs

struct ExtensionHolder;
struct FrontEndPluginInfo;

// classes

class ConversionExtension;
class ConversionExtensionBase;
class DecoderTransformationExtension;
class FWVisitor;
class FrontEnd;
class FrontEndManager;
class GeneralFailure;
class InitializationFailure;
class InputModel;
class JsonConfigExtension;
class JsonTransformationExtension;
class NodeContext;
class NotImplementedFailure;
class OpConversionFailure;
class OpConversionFunction;
template <typename BaseConversionType>
class OpExtensionBase<BaseConversionType, void>;
template <typename BaseConversionType, typename OVOpType = void>
class OpExtensionBase;
class OpValidationFailure;
class Place;
class ProgressReporterExtension;
class TelemetryExtension;

// global functions

const ov::OpSet& get_opset_by_name(const std::string& opset_name);

} // namespace frontend

Detailed Documentation


typedef uint64_t FrontEndVersion

Each frontend plugin is responsible to export GetAPIVersion function returning version of frontend API used for this plugin If version is not matched with OV_FRONTEND_API_VERSION - plugin will not be loaded by FrontEndManager.

Global Functions

const ov::OpSet& get_opset_by_name(const std::string& opset_name)

The helper function to return an instance of OpSet class initialized with operations from provided opset by name.



Opset name (opsetN) to initialize OpSet class.