ngraph.opset2.ops.mvn(data: _pyngraph.Node, across_channels: bool = False, normalize_variance: bool = False, eps: float = 1e-09, name: str = None)_pyngraph.Node

Perform Mean Variance Normalization operation on data from input node.

Computes MVN on the input tensor data (called X) using formula:

..math:: Y = dfrac{X-EX}{sqrt{E(X-EX)^2}}

  • data – The node with data tensor.

  • across_channels – Denotes if mean values are shared across channels.

  • normalize_variance – Denotes whether to perform variance normalization.

  • eps – The number added to the variance to avoid division by zero when normalizing the value. Scalar value.

  • name – Optional output node name.


The new node performing a MVN operation on input tensor.