Public Member Functions
InferenceEngine::PropertyVector< T, N > Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

 PropertyVector (size_t len, T val)
 PropertyVector (const std::vector< T > &values)
 PropertyVector (std::initializer_list< int > init_list)
T & at (int index)
 allows access up-to capacity size More...
const T & operator[] (size_t index) const
T & operator[] (size_t index)
PropertyVectoroperator= (const PropertyVector &src)
bool operator== (const PropertyVector &src) const
size_t size () const
void insert (size_t axis, const T &val)
void remove (size_t axis)
void clear ()
bool exist (size_t axis) const

Member Function Documentation

§ at()

template<class T, int N = MAX_DIMS_NUMBER>
T& InferenceEngine::PropertyVector< T, N >::at ( int  index)

allows access up-to capacity size


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