Public Member Functions
InferenceEngine::MemoryState Class Reference

C++ exception based error reporting wrapper of API class IMemoryState. More...

#include <ie_memory_state.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 MemoryState (IMemoryState::Ptr pState)
void Reset ()
std::string GetName () const
Blob::CPtr GetLastState () const
void SetState (Blob::Ptr state)

Detailed Description

C++ exception based error reporting wrapper of API class IMemoryState.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ MemoryState()

InferenceEngine::MemoryState::MemoryState ( IMemoryState::Ptr  pState)

constructs MemoryState from the initialized shared_pointer

pStateInitialized shared pointer

Member Function Documentation

§ GetLastState()

Blob::CPtr InferenceEngine::MemoryState::GetLastState ( ) const

returns the value of the last memory state.

Wraps IMemoryState::GetLastState

§ GetName()

std::string InferenceEngine::MemoryState::GetName ( ) const

Gets name of current memory state, if length of array is not enough name is truncated by len, null terminator is inserted as well.

Wraps IMemoryState::GetName

§ Reset()

void InferenceEngine::MemoryState::Reset ( )

reset internal memory state for relevant iexecutable network, to a value specified in SetState

Wraps IMemoryState::Reset

§ SetState()

void InferenceEngine::MemoryState::SetState ( Blob::Ptr  state)

Sets the new state that is used for all future Reset() operations as a base.

Wraps IMemoryState::SetState

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