struct ov_profiling_info_t


#include <ov_infer_request.h>

struct ov_profiling_info_t
    // enums

    enum Status;

    // fields

    enum ov_profiling_info_t::Status status;
    int64_t real_time;
    int64_t cpu_time;
    const char \* node_name;
    const char \* exec_type;
    const char \* node_type;

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int64_t real_time

The absolute time, in microseconds, that the node ran (in total).

int64_t cpu_time

The net host CPU time that the node ran.

const char \* node_name

Name of a node.

const char \* exec_type

Execution type of a unit.

const char \* node_type

Node type.